About Us

In 1991, Armani Enterprise was founded in Kuala lumpur.Since that time, Armani Enterprise has grown to become respectable bumiputra printer in the Klang Valley. Beginning with just two presses and less than ten employees, the original founders brought together a mixture of printing expertise, financial savvy and desire to produce printing of extraordinary quality. Customers soon found that this small printing company offered service and quality beyond all of their expectations. The result was rapid growth.

In 2001, Armani Enterprise was incorporated into De’Armani Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd.

In 2002, De’Armani opened a corporate and operational centre in Pudu area and continued to invest in new equipment and technology. As a printing company principally, De’Armani offered wide range of printing services along with the same quality and service that is their hallmark of excellence.

In 2004, De’Armani embarked into opening-up a sales and showroom outlet in Semua House, Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. The outlet offers wide range of on demand printing services with sale of wedding invitation cards as its core activity.

Today, our core business involved in on-demand fast printing solution. We concentrate on printing of business cards, letterhead, pamphlets/flyers, newsletters, books and related paper based printing services. In addition, we extend out printing service to include printing of bunting, banner, stickers and other of material printing such as tarpaulin, vinyi, pvc, textiles and others.